It has been a privilege providing our clients with online employee benefit management systems for the last 15 years.
However, we conclude our operations effective 02/28/2015.

Concero has formally filed Articles of Dissolution with the state and is no longer operating as a business. If you are a current or former customer of any insurance program formerly administered by Concero, please direct your inquires as outlined below:

For additional information about these Programs and/or Platforms please select from one of the contacts below:

Costco Small Business Health and Dental
ControlSource 888-370-9912

Northwest Employers Trust
Your Broker

Salem Contractors Exchange
WhatIF USA 971-222-0607

Houston Pay or Play Aetna SRC

California Chamber of Commerce
BRMS 916-467-1400 xt 1240

e.PRLive - Corellian Software
Phone: 844-267-3542

TailorWell Marketplace
Phone: 877-395-4945

Shareholder Information:
If you are a shareholder of Concero Group or have a question regarding the wind-up and liquidation of Concero, please contact:

River Capital, LLC
Name: Ewan Rose
Phone: 503-679-5568.